Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Index Italy 2022

This report measures the quality of Italian entrepreneurial ecosystems, at the level of Italian provinces. The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Index quantifies with various proxies the ten elements that make up entrepreneurial ecosystems. Territories with an advanced entrepreneurial ecosystem offer the necessary conditions for the development of high value-added entrepreneurship, an important channel for the promotion of local economic development. To this end, the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Index is related to an output indicator of the system (number of innovative start-ups).

The analyses show that Milan, Rome and Bologna are the provinces with the highest quality entrepreneurial ecosystems, while the lowest quality entrepreneurial ecosystems can be found in Sicily (provinces of Enna, Agrigento, and Caltanissetta).

The objective of this tool is to stimulate a constructive dialogue with policymakers and practitioners interested in local economic development, in order to foster ecosystem diagnosis and monitoring with (i) a robust theoretical model and (ii) reliable, comparable and open databases.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Index Italy 2022 report (in Italian) and data is available for download below.